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Baker Tilly Thailand Expands into Myanmar

Baker Tilly Thailand has expanded into Myanmar (Burma) extending the network’s coverage across the Asia Pacific region.

Operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baker Tilly Management Services (Thailand) Limited, Baker Tilly Consulting (Myanmar) Limited will initially provide consulting and non-regulated professional services through its office in Yangon, the capital and commercial centre of Myanmar. The firm specialises in corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, fund-raising, cash monitoring, feasibility studies, valuations, due diligence and distressed transactions. Plans to provide audit services will follow.

Geoff Barnes, CEO & President of Baker Tilly International, said: “Following years of isolation, the recent easing of international sanctions against Myanmar means the country is fast opening for business and is being viewed as the “next big thing”. The opportunities for international investment are vast.

“Our philosophy has always been to be where our clients need us to be as we help them realise their growth ambitions. Baker Tilly Thailand’s expansion into Myanmar demonstrates this commitment and enables us to help clients maximise the opportunities available to them as the country’s new government ushers in a period of unprecedented change.”